I’ve been in the world of internet business for fourteen years. I’ve worked with and know some pretty big names in the general industry, but that doesn’t mean this post is about people who are mega-successful, or generally you already probably have heard of.

These are the gems. The people who have integrity. Who do their job flawlessly. Who are mega-successful in their own rights. And who I hold in the highest esteem.

Theresa Reed

Also known as The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed, is a giant in her world. She is ethical, smart, a kick-ass businesswoman, and in general, a just really great woman to know.

She is a multi-published author, and her books are my go-to when it comes to Astrological and Tarot topics.

She takes excellent care of her clients, and her intuition is spot on.

If you get a chance to work with her, take it.

Theresa’s website

Gena Jaffe

When it comes to legal stuff, Gena is my go-to. She’s been running her biz since 2014 (with the help of her wife, Jordana Jaffe) and since then has done legal work for entrepreneurs, created an online legal education course for entrepreneurs, started a mama blog + also coached women on biz + life. The main part of her business is now DIY legal templates. She has templates for literally every single thing you might need a legal template to cover, and they are super affordable.

She’s also, just a generally amazing human.

Her most recent project, Connecting Rainbows, is designed to help the LGBTQ+ community find lawyers in their home area who can help them deal with the unique challenges they face regarding adoption, wills, healthcare proxies and power of attorney.

Get more info here.

Allie Billings

If you aren’t using Pinterest for you business, you need to. And even if you are using it, you probably aren’t using it WELL.

That’s why you need Allie and her team.

I can personally vouch for her services. She took my Pinterest views from between 40-80k a month to well over 300k. No joke.

She also offers (directly from her website copy, because how am I supposed to describe it better than this??):

We upgrade your visuals so you can get more sponsorships, partnerships, sales, and attention. YES, you’ve made it this far using your current branding. It’s been old faithful till now. You’ve reached the 6 figure mark in your business and you’re wildly happy about that (as you should be!). Now, it’s time to stretch even further to reach your bigger, better, and more fulfilling dreams. And to do that, you need to uplevel your visuals.

And I’ll tell you what, she is damn good at what she does.

Apply to work with Ally.

Jacquelyn Tierney

Jacquelyn is magic. Pure and simple. We met in a mastermind group, and I knew immediately that she was a person that I must have in my life.

She is a photographer of the highest caliber. Her eye for design is impeccable. And she adds a side of astro + card reading to everything she does.

She took my most recent photos, and I’ll tell you, I was nervous. Not because I questioned her skill…but because I was 43, chubby, and not even remotely capable of any real style of any sort. But I got the chance to have her take them, and I took it. And I love them so freaking much that I can’t even properly convey my passion for them.

Most recently, she started offering Divine Style Sessions. I’ve had one, and her little tweaks to my already established lack of style have made a huge difference in my confidence and the way I’m showing up in the world.

She is also launching the GORGEOUS House of Divine Style, her answer to all the shitty stock photos for magical and mystical businesses.

If you get a chance to work with her in ANY capacity, jump on it.

Book a Divine Style Session

Visit the House of Divine Style

Work with Jacquelyn


Rachel O’Reilly

The last year was one in which inclusivity became a topic that was on everyone’s mind. And if it wasn’t, it should have been. It’s a topic that often slips through the cracks, until something dramatic happens that brings it to center stage.

Enter Rachel O’Reilly. She’s a Inclusion and Belonging Consultant. She works “with online entrepreneurs to define their values and put them into action at every level of their business” and she does a damn good job of it.

The sessions I’ve sat in on with Rachel are extremely enlightening. She is kind and clear about what you could be doing better, and she helps you see things from another perspective that you likely hadn’t considered before.

If you can get on her calendar, do it.

Book a Discovery Call with Rachel 

Fiona Wong

Okay, yeah, I know this makes 6. I was going to do 5, but I just needed to add all of these ladies!!

Fiona was my entry into the world of Human Design. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do a proper reading, because I will just always send everyone to Fiona. She has a talent for seeing exactly who you are and how your design plays out in your current life and your future.

She has an amazing community dedicated to Human Design, and is one of the people that no matter how many things she launches, it’s super likely that I will buy it.

Work with Fiona


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