2020 isn’t likely to rank very high on anyone’s best-year-ever scale. I know for me, the time was spent…but it was not spent well.

It was a year of frustration, overwhelm, loneliness, too much time with the people we love (yes, that’s totally a thing), and a lot of stagnation.

I gained 10 pounds. I had fits of inspiration and got some things done, but then rolled right back into lethargy. I spent a lot of that time feeling stuck.

And even if you did alright, even if it wasn’t “that bad” for you, perhaps, you are still in need of a fresh start.

Here are my five ways to start your 2021 right…

Stop bitching about 2020.

There, I said it. If I hear one more person say in reply to the query, “How is your new year going?” with an exasperated sigh, “Well, it has to be better than last year…,” I’m likely going to flip out.

It sucked. No doubt about it. Collectively. For all of us. It doesn’t need to be discussed. Stop using it as a conversation starter and be a more interesting person.

Don’t tell me how bad 2020 was. Tell me about all the cool things you are going to do in 2021. When you focus on the negative stuff, more negative stuff will happen.

Clear your mind, focus on what you want to create in 2021 and feel gratitude for it before it happens.

Develop Boundaries

I’m not a great explainer of boundaries. Nor can I help you identify where you need to create some. Hell, I had a hard time recognizing where I needed to create some myself.

That’s why Randi Buckley is my go-to for such things.

She helped me see where I was letting people in my life dictate how I was showing up in the world.

Boundaries aren’t selfish. They are necessary. Deeply necessary.

You CAN say no to things. You do NOT have to do all the things. And you definitely don’t have to live up to other people’s standards.

Learn to Live in the Moment

This sounds counterintuitive to my first point, which is to focus on your future and feel gratitude for it, but it’s necessary to learn to be present without judgement in your every day life.

That means tending to the actions that need to be performed today, not putting things off, feeling what you are feeling when you feel it, and generally avoiding spending a lot of time daydreaming about how things would be so much better if only…

Living in the moment means using the practice of “touch it once” – which is just a simple way of not putting things off and letting them pile up.

When you live in the present moment, you are available to enjoy what is going on, and you are able to pivot when necessary.

Slowing down doesn’t mean stopping

Mid-October of last year, a friend told me that I needed to slow down, stop trying to do ALL the things. I ignored her, and then I got COVID.

When you don’t take the advice that the universe is giving you, it will force you.

COVID knocked me out for almost a month, literally. I was incredibly sick for two full weeks, and then it took another two weeks for me to not need daily naps. I coughed for almost two months.

The advice to slow down wasn’t telling me to stop. It was telling me to surrender to time. It was telling me to stop trying to force things to happen and learn to let them happen when they are supposed to.

It means living in the moment, being available for what the universe offers up, and still working towards my goals all at the same time.

I learned that when I feel like I need to push harder, that I actually need to let off the gas and let things happen when they are supposed to.

Steady Movement is Key

Whatever your goals are for 2021, you have to make steady movement towards them to make them happen.

You cannot sit on the couch and expect clients to magically show up. You cannot

Again, that sounds counterintuitive to the point immediately prior to this one, but there is a balance to be achieved. Taking actionable steps, but surrendering to divine timing is the secret to making all of your goals happen.

Following these guidelines will help you glide through 2021.

But if you still feel like you need a group of likeminded women to help you get unstuck and propel you forward into the greatness you were meant to be…

You should check out my new community membership, Unstuck.

I created this process out of my own struggles with being stuck, and I promise, it works every single time.

It’s not a magic, immediate solution, but a long game strategy that helps you reframe and refocus every time you fall back into stuck.

And, trust me, it will happen to you again, and again.

I created this content. I know this content. I know it works.

And yet, I still let myself slip into the oblivion of going through the motions of life this year.

I know that about 90% of you out there do this too.

Join us and get your life, your biz, your everything Unstuck.

AND, if you don’t have a 2021 planner yet, I highly recommend the one I created.

It’s called The Just Boldly Do It Planner – and it’s designed to help you align your goals to your values + make steady movement towards those goals all year long.

I’d love to hear your tips for the New Year. How do you start the year, and what always works when you feel like you are stuck? How do YOU live in the moment?

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