I’ll be completely honest. There was a time in my life that I thought the whole idea of work/life balance was complete BS.

This was also the period of my life where I was working like 90 hours a week, and raising three toddlers. I’m a Sagittarius…I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

But, whether it’s age, time, or whatever, I have finally come to the conclusion that work/life balance IS possible. But it probably doesn’t look the way you think it *should*.

When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like these things need to be separate. And maybe, they don’t really need to be.

But you DO need to take time in your daily that you aren’t just always working. You NEED to take time to read, or paint, or whatever it is that keeps your creative juices flowing.

You NEED to get a good night of sleep. You NEED to spend time with the people you love doing things that are just fun.

It’s taken me almost a decade and a half to get here, but I want you to understand that hustling isn’t everything, your business CAN survive you not working until 1am every night, and if you keep doing those two things, you are gonna end up burnt out and bitter.

The balance is found in working, but not working just for working’s sake.

I can’t tell you where the balance will lie for you. But, if it’s helpful, here’s where it lies for me.

I get up around 6:00, before anyone else is up. I work out (yoga or a jaunt on the treadmill, or maybe some weights), light a candle, have a chat with God, and some sort of devotion or meditation.

The lighting of the candle is a super important part of my morning ritual. It sets the tone for the whole day.

By 7, I’m in the shower.

Kids are usually up by 7:15, and while they are getting ready, I empty the dishwasher, start the kettle, pack a lunch for my husband and French press enough coffee for whoever wants some. (I have teenagers, and the majority of the time, at least one or two of them want some).

They are out the door by 7:45 for school, and since they drive themselves, that means I clean up whatever they left behind. With the kitchen clean, I blow out the candle and get to work.

I work on client stuff, do podcast interviews, discovery calls with prospective clients, coaching calls, etc until about 11:30. I eat a quick lunch, and read for a half hour or so. Then back to work until about 4pm.

Then I make dinner. Spend some time with the kids and husband.

I am hardly ever done for the day – I usually check back in with work, to plan the next day and put out any fires, but ideally, that’s only an hour or so.

Then I watch something with my husband while simultaneously reading a book. Or, actually, I’m reading while he says, “hey….look at this,” I pause, watch and go back to reading.

I don’t really like TV all that much.

This is a balanced day for me.

An unbalanced day consists of me sleeping until right before the kids get up. Rushing through the morning routine. Never lighting a candle. Working so much I forget to eat. Working right up until bed time. And going to bed, but not sleeping because I am thinking about what I didn’t get done.

Like I said, work/life balance is a unique thing for each of us. You have to find what balance means for you.

Whether it’s daily balance, or finding time to take a vacation, or just an hour to yourself, finding that balance is crucial to both your life and your business.

Drop a comment and tell me how you find a balance between your work and your life.

Spend more time living your life and less time running your business.

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