If you are a creative, multi-passionate person, you tend to have a million projects going at once, right? 

An idea hits you, you jump right in, and you are so freaking excited that you can’t wait to wake up and work on it every day.

Until the next really cool idea hits you.

Or you just get bored of working on the original idea, and there is a new show that everyone is talking about on Netflix, and FOMO hits you hard. 

I get it. I do that too. 

So, what’s the big secret to actually finishing *gestures widely* anything?

The truth? I don’t know. 

But I do know what has helped me be more disciplined about finishing projects, and more discerning about which new ideas are worthwhile and which just need to be added to the ever-growing list of ideas I might get around to eventually. 

Here’s what I do.

I love beginnings. And I love change. (I know not everyone does, but if you are struggling with this same thing, chances are you don’t hate it.) 

New things make me happy and excited and give me all the gas I need to get going. 

Old things that I’ve been working on for awhile often start to bore me. Doing the same thing or working on the same thing day in and day out is drudgery to me, and I will avoid it at all costs. 

This is why I will never be able to work a “normal” job ever again. 

But when you are working on something BIG, like a book that ends up being 310 pages (ahem…feistyandnoncompliant.com), you have to keep at it to actually finish it. 

Instead of looking at it as one big project, I instead have to break it down into smaller bits. 

Each of those bits becomes another finish line, and once you get across it, you get the feeling of completing it, but you also get to start something new.

I also can’t work on much of anything every day, or it feels like something I have to do, and that makes me not want to do it (sometimes I’m like a toddler), so I only work on it a few days a week. 

This allows me to work on other projects at the same time. Thus keeping me feeling like I’m moving forward on multiple projects, and actually making progress on them too. 

But, every once in a while there will be something that needs to get done by a certain date. 

Like the reboot of my community. 

I initially created it to be a Community for Entrepreneurs. It bored the hell out of me, and it took me months to figure out why. 

Turns out “entrepreneurs” is too broad a topic, and many entrepreneurs are in a space that has no interest for me. 

Additionally, many of the people I know don’t consider themselves to be “entrepreneurs” because they only have one business and that’s all they ever plan on having, so they are just business owners. 

And still other friends aren’t doing what they are doing to make money – they just consider themselves to be creative. 

So I took a big right turn and kept the community, but gave it a super fast make-over for a specific launch date.

It exhausted me to focus solely on that for like two weeks, but it was also highly rewarding when I finally got the “Your app has been approved” email from the App Store. (PS, getting an app approved for Google Play is easy-peasy. Getting one approved for the App store requires you to pledge your first born child and half your soul, or feels like that at least.)

That helped me realize that endings are just as satisfying as beginnings. I just need to make smaller goals throughout the bigger project, to keep me moving.

Now back to that community…

I have a big soft spot in my heart for people who are not happy with the status quo, and when I think about them, plus all the other stuff I mentioned above, the people I really want to work with are people who make things. 

Bakers, and artists, and carpenters, and architects, and crafters, and graphic designers, and writers, and woodworkers, and carvers, and potters, and film makers, and photographers, and dancers, and makeup artists, and tattoo artists, and furniture makers, and advertisers, and well anything that involves being a creative human – that’s who I want to work with, and who I want to create a community with. 

One of the bigger challenges of being a creative person is that it is unlikely that you have a group of people in your life who support you unconditionally, who share your stuff and who don’t question your goals and dreams. 

That’s why I created this community. I need that. You need that. We need that. So let’s be that for each other. 

Drop me a note in the comments and tell me how you get yourself to finish projects. And if you are ready, head over and join the community.

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