Where do I even start with this?

Before I started my business, I was bored out of my mind. I mean, I was busy… I had three toddlers. But changing diapers, cleaning, cooking…it just wasn’t enough, and wasn’t ever going to be enough.

If you’ve read my book (Mom vs Debt), you’ll know that the biggest contributor to my debt was that boredom. (Oh, and my obsession with office supplies + overcompensating for perceived parental slights). But it was also the catalyst that caused me to start my business.

If you are sitting at home right now, thinking, man, I’m bored too – but I don’t really want to admit that, because it makes me sound like a bad mom…then this post it for you. (And spoiler alert, you are NOT a bad mom – God meant for you to be a mom and do some other wild stuff too!)

#1 I paid off $64k in Credit Card Debt it under 3 years.

That’s right. If you haven’t heard the story, seriously, just go buy my book.

#2 I have visited Europe 3 times

Two of my European trips were at least partially paid for by clients. One as a trade and one because she had me speak at her event. The other one was for speaking at a rad event in London. I’ve visited Norway, England, Scotland, Italy and France. I’ve stayed in the heart of Paris, Guy de Maupassant’s (he wrote The Necklace and many other amazing stories) home, a castle in Tuscany, Cinque Terre, a palace in Venice, a castle in Scotland, and within view of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London – all because I started my business. (results may vary)

#3 I have worked with amazing clients from all over the world

I literally have worked with people who are in Canada, Australia, Norway, Italy, France, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines and almost every state in the United States.

#4 I work when I want, where I want, for who I want

The beauty of my business is that I can work from anywhere. I love to travel, and when we aren’t locked down due to a pandemic, we take several trips a year. Some I work, some I don’t. But it’s really great to be able to hang out in my favorite places, and still do what I love.

A couple of years ago, we flew to Vegas and rented a camper, driving around to see all the National Parks (and a lot of other things) and I was able to work while we drove, as much or as little as I wanted.

I say I don’t work weekends, but I mean, sometimes I do. Because when inspiration strikes, it doesn’t care what day or time it is…

#5 My kids know how to be risky

After freedom, my kids learning how to chase their own big dreams is the other most important thing to me. Our situation is weird, because for most of the conscious life (the oldest was 7, youngest 4 when my husband quit teaching) both their parents have been running their own businesses. They have no real memory of what it’s like to have parents that work normal jobs.

We take days off when we feel like it. Like last week and this, we are making sure to take a day because our favorite local burger place is closing soon.

These amazing kids of mine (mostly amazing anyway, their personalities are just as big as mine, and sometimes it gets loud all up in here), are so creative and not afraid to take risks. My oldest is strongly considering film studies; my daughter is insanely creative; and my youngest decided he was going to be an architect when he was three – and none of them are scared to go after what they really want.

And there are so many more things.

Seriously, I am so grateful that I got into that mess of debt. If I could go back and do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a single thing. It HAD to happen the way it happened to point me in the direction that God wanted me to go.

And now I’m at the point that I’m finally working on the thing he put in my heart to do – to help women create a life and business they can’t wait to get out of bed for every. single. day. Some of them already have a business, and they just don’t love it anymore, and some are just starting out.

I am so excited to FINALLY be doing something that I love more than anything, and I wouldn’t change a bit of the journey that got me here.

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