It might seem like I’m beating a dead horse over here with my insistence that you need to know and understand your sun + rising signs to run your business really well.

I promise, it’s really, really true.

I’ve been running my business for fourteen years, and only since I started really paying attention to astrological aspects and how they affect my own personal chart, that things have started really falling into place.

But, what if you don’t feel like your sign actually fits? Like, all your life, you’ve been hearing you are a Taurus, but when you read the description for that sign, you are like, actually, that doesn’t really fit me at all…

I don’t have even a fraction of the answers for most questions regarding Astrology – but for this one, I totally do. 

To continue my series on Astrological things and your business, I’d like to introduce you to an alternative astrology practice. 

They are both valid. They are based on similar systems, but there are key differences that make a big difference in some people. 

Let me start over. 

The traditional astrology that we are all used to is referred to as Tropical Astrology. 

The alternative astrology I mentioned is called Sidereal Astrology (sigh-dee-ree-al). 

I’m not gonna mess around and act like I understand all of the differences. If you want to delve deeper into it, I recommend this article.

Suffice it to say, they share descriptions of the various zodiac signs. But they assign them slightly differently. Tropical is based on the signs. Sidereal is based on the constellations. The dates are slightly different (though some overlap) and there is a 13th constellation in Sidereal.  

I know several people who feel like the sign assigned to them by the Sidereal is a better fit than the Tropical…and that’s totally fine. 

You should follow whichever feels like the real you. 

I’m not saying you should pick based on which description fits what you WANT to fit you best, but what actually fits you best – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here’s an example. 

I was born under the sign of Sagittarius based on Tropical Astrology.

In Sidereal, I was born on the day that it moves from one to the next – so I could show aspects of that 13th constellation, Ophiuchus, or I could be more like Sagittarius.

100%, I’m Sagittarius. 

One of my nearest and dearest, though, was born under Leo in Tropical, and Cancer in Sidereal. 

She’s absolutely a Cancer.

The short answer here is, if you feel like your sign doesn’t feel like it should be your sign – do a birth chart based on Sidereal Astrology instead. 

You might be really surprised at the accurate results. 

But how does this all figure into your business?

You might have noticed that I keep bringing it back to this point. 

Any time you are presenting yourself to the public, in a way that you want to make money from, you must show up as the most authentic version of yourself possible – otherwise people will eventually figure out who you really are, and the whole thing will fall apart. 

If you want to show up as that authentic version of yourself, you have to really know who you are. Like I said earlier, the good, the bad and the ugly. 

At the same time, being aware of your sign, and what’s going on in the heavens is akin to hacking the system. 

I’ll explain.

I am not an expert when it comes to Astrology. But I do have an actual expert that I use, and she happens to have a tool that goes out weekly for business owners that I find completely invaluable. Theresa Reed, the Tarot Lady, is my go-to gal, and I legit schedule my week by her Astro-Biz Digest

It’s not like I have the time to look all of this up and study it, so the fact that she sends this out on Sunday and I can schedule my whole week based on it, is gold. 

If I need to write, I wait until she says this day is best for writing (whenever I can). 

When you know what your sign is; what works best for you to help you deliver your best work; and who you truly are – to help you change the world the way God meant you to, you are an unstoppable force.

I’ll tell you again the thing I keep saying over and over and over. 

God created you to do something BIG in the world. If you aren’t already doing it, you’d best just get started. 

If you don’t know what it is yet, you will not find it by sitting on your couch. 

If you do know and you aren’t doing it, get up and start moving forward. Trust me when I tell you that if you start, even when you think you aren’t ready, God will bring you to it and through it. 

If you are doing it, keep going. He is giving you signs and directions via the stars – you just need to start paying attention.

Last week, I said I was going to do a Facebook challenge in my free Facebook group. 

I changed my mind. 

Instead, I’m going to do a series of videos. The videos will be posted to my Facebook page and then shared to that group with homework to do if you are part of it. 

I think the whole idea of Facebook challenges doesn’t work for this Sag, and I’m gonna stop trying to force stuff that doesn’t work for me.

(See what I did there…?)

If you’d like the extra added bonus of actionable homework with the videos, by all means, head over to my Facebook group and jump right in!

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