Running a successful business requires a variety of tools and platforms to manage different aspects such as customer relationships, marketing, scheduling, and more.

These tools can add up quickly, resulting in high monthly expenses. That’s where She Owns comes in. At just $47 a month, She Owns consolidates numerous essential business tools into one platform, saving you time, hassle, and money. Let’s dive into a detailed cost comparison to see how much you can save with She Owns.

The Tools She Owns Replaces

She Owns is designed to replace a multitude of business tools. Here’s a breakdown of the standard costs for these tools:

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • Tool: HubSpot CRM
    • Cost: $50/month
  2. Email Marketing
    • Tool: Mailchimp
    • Cost: $20/month
  3. SMS Marketing
    • Tool: Twilio
    • Cost: $20/month
  4. Marketing Automation
    • Tool: ActiveCampaign
    • Cost: $49/month
  5. Sales Pipeline Management
    • Tool: Pipedrive
    • Cost: $15/month
  6. Appointment Scheduling with Automations
    • Tool: Calendly
    • Cost: $12/month
  7. Website Builder
    • Tool: Wix
    • Cost: $14/month
  8. Funnel Builder
    • Tool: ClickFunnels
    • Cost: $97/month
  9. Reporting and Analytics
    • Tool: Advanced Google Analytics
    • Cost: $50/month
  10. Social Media Management
    • Tool: Hootsuite
    • Cost: $29/month
  11. Project Management
    • Tool: Asana
    • Cost: $10.99/month
  12. Contracts with E-Signatures
    • Tool: DocuSign
    • Cost: $10/month
  13. Funnel Templates
    • Tool: Included in ClickFunnels or separately available
    • Cost: $50/month
  14. Invoicing & Subscriptions
    • Tool: FreshBooks
    • Cost: $15/month
  15. Memberships
    • Tool: Kajabi
    • Cost: $149/month
  16. Courses
    • Tool: Teachable
    • Cost: $39/month

Total Monthly Cost Breakdown

  • HubSpot CRM: $50
  • Mailchimp: $20
  • Twilio: $20
  • ActiveCampaign: $49
  • Pipedrive: $15
  • Calendly: $12
  • Wix: $14
  • ClickFunnels: $97
  • Advanced Analytics: $50
  • Hootsuite: $29
  • Asana: $10.99
  • DocuSign: $10
  • Funnel Templates: $50
  • FreshBooks: $15
  • Kajabi: $149
  • Teachable: $39

Total Monthly Cost: $629.99

The Cost Comparison

  • She Owns: $47 per month
  • Combined Tools: $629.99 per month

Savings with She Owns

By switching to She Owns, you save a whopping $582.99 every month. That’s $6,995.88 in annual savings!

The Value of Consolidation

She Owns offers more than just cost savings. Consolidating these tools into one platform means:

  • Streamlined Workflows: No more juggling multiple logins and interfaces.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Integrated tools work seamlessly together, boosting productivity.
  • Reduced Learning Curve: One platform to learn instead of many.
  • Better Data Management: Centralized data helps in making informed business decisions.

Switching to She Owns not only saves you money but also simplifies your business operations. For $47 a month, you get access to a comprehensive suite of tools that cover CRM, email marketing, SMS marketing, automation, and much more.

Ready to revolutionize your business management? Sign up for She Owns today and start enjoying the benefits of a unified, cost-effective business solution.

Spend more time living your life and less time running your business.

She Owns™ is an all-in-one business software suite solution that will help you manage your list, sales, marketing, funnels and a customer relationship manager (CRM) all in one. We also have a robust community, a video training vault and courses for every aspect of business.