There are people who outright refuse to believe that the stars, planets and other astrological aspects have anything to do with us and our lives – or that God uses them to communicate with us. And there are people who believe that it’s a thing, but are overwhelmed by all of the information, and just don’t know where to start. 

So, let’s just start with the start.

One misconception about astrology is that the idea behind it is to tell you your future.

It’s not. 

The stars and planets are there to guide us, to let us know when big things are happening, to give us the heads up for the ups and downs of life that inevitably are part of the cycle of every life, and to give us strategies for interpersonal relationships with the people in our lives (and even the people we haven’t met yet).

When someone asks you, “What’s your sign?”, they mean, what is your SUN sign.

Your sun sign is the sign that the sun was in when you were born. It’s not super dependent on time of birth, but day of birth (except in some instances, like if you are on the cusp of one sign or another).

For me, that’s Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius is who I am. Through and through. Any person who has known me well at any point in my life could read the general description of a Sag and say, yep…that fits, 100%.

“Sagittarians are born between November 22 and December 21, and belong to the Fire element of the zodiac (along with Leo and Aries). This lot are all big characters, and live life to the max. If star signs were theme park rides, the Fire sign crew would be the hair-raising, white-knuckle rollercoaster.

Sagittarians are optimistic, restless, progressive and adventurous. They can’t stand to be contained, thwarted or bossed about, and freedom is their catnip. Woe betide a boss/ partner/parent/friend who tries to tell their Saggie comrade what to do… expect to hear the door slam as they bolt for the hills!

They are ruled by Jupiter, which makes them all jammy so-and-sos, who (no matter how absurd an escapade they pursue) will land in clover, on their feet, smelling of roses. Sagittarians are great companions for wild weekends, especially in Vegas, where some of their infamous luck may rub off on you!

Their symbol is the archer, which suits their outdoorsy, restless nature. They adore ‘hunting’ (love interests and bargains vs actual animals, as they love all creatures great and small), they enjoy the thrill of the chase.”

(from Cosmo)

It’s important to know your sun sign, and use it to cultivate yourself into the best version of yourself that you possibly can.

But what I want to talk to you about today is your Rising Sign. 

I think it can be argued that when it comes to your business, your Rising is leaps and bounds more important than your Sun.

Your Rising Sign is the astrological sign that is rising on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of your birth.

It’s VERY dependent on your birth time. To know your accurate rising sign, you MUST find your birth certificate and use the time listed. You also need to know exactly where you were born. This will also be listed on your birth certificate.

So what’s so important about your Rising sign? And how could it possibly be more important to your business than your sun sign?

Because your Rising Sign is how people see you.

The people who don’t know you well, the people who might be buying your stuff out of the blue, the people who are just acquaintances – they see you as your Rising Sign.

For me, my Rising is Aries.

Aries is a fire sign (like Sag) and if there were two signs who could be best buds because they are so much alike, it’s Sag and Aries.

“If your ascendant is Aries, you make a bold and unforgettable first impression. The Aries rising sign can come across as a dynamic go-getter, but you can also read as overwhelming or aggressive.

People born with an Aries rising sign are the stellar go-getters of the zodiac. Quick and headstrong, they command a “take charge” energy that’s fiery and motivating. Warrior planet Mars is their chart ruler, and this imbues them with red-hot passion and quick impulses.Although Aries ascendants may come across as bossy, they really just want to be seen as courageous and bold for being the first to blaze their own trail.  

Aries rising people can be rash, and need to be careful of “jumping” into leadership positions, because they might just bite off more than they can chew! Yet their ability to be engaging presenters, performers and motivational speakers is extraordinary.

At their worst, Aries rising can be an intolerant bully; at their best, this heroic rising sign will champion anyone they see being picked on or pushed around. Overall, Aries rising signs are energetic, but they can overwhelm people if their passion doesn’t have enough places to go. These fiery ascendants need a lot of movement and action, whether through intense workouts, sexual marathons or even taking the stage as entertainers.”

(from Astrostyle)

Regardless of how I really am, this is how people who only know me on a surface level tend to see me.

It’s accurate.

And like I said, Aries and Sagittarius are very similar in many ways, so this impression that I make on people is actually pretty true to who I actually am too.

That’s not true for everyone. Some people have a rising sign that gives an impression completely different from who they really are – and that causes a bit of confusion for the people who want what you are offering, but once they work with you for a bit and get to know you, they notice that things are a little different than they were expecting.

There isn’t anything WRONG with that – but the more you know about your Sun and Rising Signs, the better you can manage this transition and learn how to show up in a truly genuine way.

That’s why I’m hosting a 4 day Sun/Rising/Moon Asto Bootcamp, beginning September 21st.

I’m not an Astro-Expert. I know just enough to get by, but I have some great resources to help you take a deeper look at who you are, how you show up, and how you can be the best version of yourself in your life AND in your business.

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