Spend more time living your life
and less time running your business.

When we say All-In-One, we MEAN All-In-One. You can manage every aspect of your business in one spot.

Our community of business owners is here to support you, inspire you, and you’ll do the same for them.

Automations + consistency are key to more sales. We make it easy by helping you set it up + keep you going.

Establish authority in your niche(s)

You can’t build a list until you build your authority. If folks don’t believe you know what you are doing, you won’t make any sales.

Build your list with consistency and automations

If you want to build a list of potential customers and keep their interest, you have to stay in touch with them, and you have to be consistent.

Make more $$ by streamlining your systems

If you don’t stay on top of the systems that run your business, you’ll end up in a mess. Our software suite lets you do it all in one easy to access place
(with an app too!)

Stay in touch with your leads

Our software allows you to link up all your socials, add a chatbot to your website and have a dedicated business phone # (with texting) that you can read and reply all in one easy location.

Manage your entire business
from one place

Our software suite offers a place to manage all the back-end aspects
of your biz in one place, for a low monthly cost.

Booking Engine that links
to your calendar

Marketing Funnels
(with Templates!)

Payment Processing
and Invoicing

Biz Telephone +
with Texting
(extra cost)
Customer Relationship

Email Automations
and Workflows

Build Courses
and Memberships

Get Biz SM Messages
in one place

Social Media

List Building
and Management

Website Hosting
+ Development
(extra cost for WordPress)
Support +

The Community

The support you need

A group of like-minded entrepreneurs to support you, brainstorm with you, critique your offerings and share your stuff.

Groups and discussion Forums

Business and Non-Business topics…a place to ask your questions, get feedback and support.

Book a Session with a Mentor

Our Mentors are vetted and the kind of people you want to learn from. Members can book sessions (for an additional fee)

Masterclasses from Top Experts

Literal giants in their fields, dropping their wisdom on you and helping you focus on what’s important.

Video Vaults & Courses

Members who join at the Community or All-in-One level have access to the ever-growing vault of instructional videos and courses. 

Access to the video vault

Business classes, including marketing, social media, best practice, strategy, how-to, you name it, we've got it (or we will be adding it soon.)

All the templates

  • Website Templates

  • Sales Funnel Templates

  • Email Templates

  • Social Media Templates


Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow.
Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.

Jim Rohn


Why We Are Better

Price per month
Sales Funnels
Courses & Memberships
Booking/Calendar Engine
Social Media Scheduling
Chatbot Widget for your Website
Email Marketing
List Building
Stripe + Paypal Integration
VOIP Phone Number with Texting
Respond to DMs
Multiple Admins
Templates Galore
She Owns™ All Access

Kind Words about She Owns™

All-in-One Bonuses

When you join as an All-in-One member, you also get…


Promote yourself

As a member, you will be featured in our directory, have the opportunity to promo your business and make strategic partnerships.

Add your items for sale in the Marketplace

List your products, services, retreats, webinars or lead magnets to our marketplace.

Partner with She Owns™

Apply to host a masterclass, webinar or workshop within the She Owns™ community where you can promo your goods and services.

Earn passive income as an Affiliate

Get 40% affiliate commission for every new She Owns™ member (who remains in good standing).

You've Got Options

Start where you are, upgrade when you are ready.

Join us at the level you need right now, upgrade or cancel at any time.

Worried you won't be able to set up the tech bits?

We can handle that for you. For an additional fee, we can move everything from your current platforms to ours. Price starts at $497 and may increase based on the size of what needs to be moved. Email us for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is She Owns™ just for Women?

She Owns™ welcomes Cis Women, Trans Women, Non-binary folks, anyone of the LGBTQ+ persuasion and Men are welcome too. 

Our real litmus test for membership is, “don’t be an asshole.” Should you be any of the above classificatons and show up with a chip on your shoulder + an attitude that is anything other than our gold standard of support, you will be shown the figurative door.

Can I cancel my membership at any time, and what is the cancellation process?

You can cancel at anytime, but we require 30 days notice to have the time to properly remove your account. Just send an email to info at sheowns dot org.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs associated with the membership?

To be completely transparent, there are a few things that could make your membership more than the $97/month.

One of those is a WordPress based website. We have a website builder that runs on its own drag and drop platform, but if you want a WordPress site, it’s $10/month extra.

Will there be opportunities to network or collaborate with other business owners within the community?

Absolutely. We will be hosting co-working sessions, general meet-ups (virtual and in-person), the directory + marketplace and the discussion groups will all offer opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Is there a trial period or a money-back guarantee available?

At this time, no. You can cancel at any time.

Are there any limitations on the number of members allowed in the community?

Definitely not. The doors are wide open. The more, the merrier!

Is there a minimum commitment period or contract length for the membership?

There isn’t. 

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