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I believe in women-owned business.

And I believe in your business.

Women-owned businesses make the world better. While women own just 40% of businesses, those businesses punch way above their weight in benefiting the people in them, the communities around them, and the world as a whole.

And, as so many of us know first-hand, running your own business can completely change your life for the better, too. It’s a means of tapping into your power, doing what you’re meant to do on this world, and an access point to economic mobility you might not find anywhere else.

That’s why I created the She Owns™ Directory — to help women do good work, together.

The She Owns™ Directory is for women-owned businesses that offer tangible value to their customers and have a track record of follow-through. (Think: big-hearted women doing good work, not Entrepreneur Barbies looking for churn.)

As a member of the She Owns™ Directory, you’ll get access to audiences who want exactly what you’ve got — and are thrilled to be working with you.

Every She Owns™ Member gets:

A listing in our carefully-curated directory that’s trusted by women all over the world.

Directory-only networking opportunities to meet like-minded business owners and showcase your skills.

Access to the private Facebook group for ongoing support and community.

If you’d like to take things up a notch and become a She Owns™ VIP, you can also:

Add video to your listing for extra interactivity.

Add events to your listing, and invite other members to join them.

Be featured as one of our Members of the Month on the site, in the Facebook group and in our newsletter.

Post promos and do FB lives in the private Facebook.

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