Strategy + An Actionable Plan

Book a VIP Strategy Day

This is a treat – you are gonna love it

A plan designed especially for you, with actionable items + the support you need to actually hit your goals and achieve forward momentum.

The thing about having big goals is that sometimes, you get stuck in the minutiae and can’t figure out what your first step should even be.

And if you don’t have a solid support system in place, you might as well forget it.

That’s where I come in. I specialize in making a plan, identifying your next steps, and being there to support you when you start doubting yourself (because you will).

Get Serious ABout Your BUsiness

What You Get

The following is the FULL VIP DAY schedule, and also includes a month of voxer support.

The MINI VIP DAY is half as long, and we will need to determine beforehand what area you want to focus on. Includes email support.


2 hours of Assessment

We’ll talk about where you are, what you are doing, and where you feel stuck.


2 Hours of Strategizing

We both get to work. Me on a plan, you on applicable homework to get you moving forward.


2 hours Of Implementation

We will go over the plan, tweaking as needed to make it accessible and something you will actually do.


2 Weeks Later

You’ll get a road map with actionable items for you to follow and a plan that makes sense.

You will be amazed

the Frequently asked Q’s

These are the questions we hear most often. If you’ve got others, feel free to shoot us an email info at sheowns dot org.

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Do You Guarantee Results?

You know what, if you complete everything to the letter, commit to following through and keep showing up for your business, I’d say yes, I CAN guarantee results. 

I'm Busy, How much work will be involved?

Well, there’s no telling – but this isn’t going to be a low commitment dealy-o. You are going to have to put in the work if you want to reap the rewards. 

Something Came up, Can I reschedule?

Of course. I get that sh*t happens – but be aware that I’m only doing three of these a month, and if you reschedule, it might be a few months before I can fit you back in.

Why Should I Hire You For This?

Well, I’ve got 18 years worth of experience, and according to CliftonStrengths, Strategy and Activator are two of my top 5 strengths.

There is nothing I love more than puzzling out what to do next and then get at it.

the Scheduled Payment Plans

Pay in Full or Pay in 3 Installments for Full Day only.

There is no penalty for choosing installments.

Mini vip Day

Half the time, half the cost. Just divide everything in half. We might not get as deep as we will in a full day.

No Voxer support on this one, and you need to let me know ahead of time what we are focusing on.


After payment, you will receive a form that asks some questions to give me a jump on our day.

Come prepared for a big day. Distractions aren’t ideal, and you will want to take notes. 

Remember that the success of our day is determined by honesty and the ability to take constructive criticism. 😉