It was five years ago that this pic was taken, and it’s now been 11 months since I first found out it was on the market.
I will also note that it was around 5 or 6 years ago that God made it clear to me that I was GOING to be working with women, coaching, etc and I said “No Way Jose” for a very long time.
Things are finally moving. I am finally doing the work that I know I’m supposed to be doing, and as far as the building is concerned, it’s getting closer and closer.
But there is a little lesson in here that I’d like to share.
Five years ago, I saw this building for the first time. I said, on that occasion, I’m going to own it some day.
Fast forward to January 2020, when I find out that it is on the market.
I know it’s time. I know I want to create a gorgeous co-working space for women (and really cool guys), a business incubator and rentable space for classes, entertaining etc.
Except I don’t have the cash flow to just up and buy it. I mean, who does? I’m not Jeff Bezos over here.
I apply for grants for the project, but I don’t get them, bc I don’t own the building.
I start a fundraiser and get some lovely donations, but it’s not even close to enough.
I say over and over that I will NOT get a loan for this.
I wait for God to do something miraculous.
I wait some more.
And then I contact a local group, Maumee Valley Planning. They offer way low interest loans (in conjunction with your bank) for projects that will make a difference in the community.
I got word that they approved their portion of that loan, but I’m waiting to hear from the bank.
I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to get the cash flow for the down payment that I’m responsible for, but I’m trusting it will show up.
Oh, and someone else is interested in the building now.
So, I had a big fuss with God last night.
Why would he give me this mission, why would he show me where I am meant to put it, why would he fill me with passion for this project…
And make it in the middle of a freaking pandemic?
And put the squeeze on me to make a move when he knows good and well that this is the slowest time of year in my business (like always, November and December are always slow)
And why after all that would he not just hand me the cash I need to get it done?
Well, the short answer is likely because it’s all about trusting him and his timing, right?
I keep saying over and over again that I trust him. I keep thanking him for the good things he’s going to bring me.
But, I also keep begging for things to move because I hate limbo.
And I also keep trying to push things to happen on my terms, in my way. (ex, refusing to get a loan when that is the most logical plan)
This building IS going to be mine. I AM going to do the things I plan in this building. And I DO trust that God knows what’s up and that it will all happen when it’s supposed to.

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